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Most businesses say that people are their key resource but then spend more time preparing plans, justifying capital projects, or attend meetings than assessing and developing their people. People are the only means of adding value, improving quality, and creating innovation. If you want people to be flexible, take calculated risks, and commit their time and talent to the business, you must show an interest in them and their development. Most managers have worked their way up the business by demonstrating their ability as functional experts. They have received little or no training in organizational design that, in the final analysis, will be more critical to their success than their functional skills. Placing people with the right skills and behavior in the correct job is one of the most important jobs of management, and will have more of an impact on the effectiveness of the organization than any other task they perform. The TEAMS Group assists our customer in organizational design and development in the following areas:

  • Modeling: Utilizing information from the Benchmark Surveys and other generally recognized publications on staffing for the school district, the TEAMS Group will build a computerized model, based on the functional area’s profile, to project the number of academic, technical, support, administrative, supervisory, and managerial staff required. The TEAMS Group will work with the management team to develop the model’s control parameters. Savings will be determined by comparing the baseline survey data against the model’s projections.

    The TEAMS Group has developed comprehensive staffing models based on studies and industry standards, and have applied “customer-specific” variables to each standard to obtain the most comprehensive model on the market. Our models are a very effective tool for manpower requirements planning and “right-sizing.”
  • Skills Assessment: Feedback is power. The TEAMS Group will customize a 360-degree feedback process for the school district. This process will generate feedback from peers, supervisor, direct reports (where applicable), and customers. From these results, a detailed development plan is prepared for each individual.

    A process of getting feedback from your boss, peers, subordinates, and customers (the 360 degrees of people surrounding each person in every organization) is extremely powerful in creating high performance. The TEAMS Group’s automated 360-degree feedback assessment process is the most sophisticated on the market for simple-to-understand yet comprehensive reports and individual development plans.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Achieving organizational objectives are a function of both skills and behavior. Using a psychometric instrument we will measure behavioral traits, thinking style and occupational interests to develop profiles for key positions.

    All people use some combination of these behaviors to create the results they want. Some behaviors are more effective than others in creating specific results. The benefits from the use of this assessment tool include:

o        Creating individualized assessments of behavioral strengths.

o        Identifying areas for personal development.

o        Improving management and role effectiveness.

o        Planning appropriate coaching strategies.

o        Developing more effective problem solving and communications skills.



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