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What it takes to be the best organization isn't a mystery: It's a matter of mixing high-quality service, an efficient, well-tuned operation and a healthy bottom line. Though many organizations may have an idea of how it is done, some just do it much better. During a time when a challenging marketplace has squeezed tax revenues, there are more than likely an elite group of top-performing organizations statewide and the United States. These organizations are seeing better financial results at the same time they are experiencing more successful outcomes than their peers.

Benchmarking will allow businesses to determine how close or how far they are compared to the best performing businesses statewide or within the United States.

By identifying organizations that provide high-quality service, operate efficiently, and produce superior results, benchmarking will provide your organization a direction for positive change.

The TEAMS Group provides quality, comprehensive benchmarking data. Our Benchmarking Program is an information foundation on which strategies and goals can be developed. The program allows businesses, (private and public) to compare staffing, productivity, administrative, operations, technology, and compensation practices to those of their peers. Benchmarks can also provide businesses with information needed to measure their success and relative strengths. The TEAMS Group also designs surveys, collects and audits data, and produces customized reports.

Private and public businesses have an imperative to remain efficient, while providing service at the lowest possible cost. In today's environment of rapid change, most need external, objective assistance in seeing the forest for the trees. The TEAMS Group, drawing on its experience of helping many businesses solve problems, provides a cost effective process to identify cost and service improvement opportunities.

Why should you benchmark?

There are many benefits of benchmarking. The following list summarizes the main benefits:

  • Provides realistic and achievable targets.
  • Prevents businesses from being internally led.
  • Challenges operational complacency.
  • Creates an atmosphere conducive to continuous improvement
  • Allows employees to visualize the improvement, which can be a strong motivator for change.
  • Creates a sense of urgency for improvement.
  • Confirms the belief that there is a need for change.
  • Helps to identify weak areas and indicates what needs to be done to improve.

  • The steps required to complete the Benchmark Survey include:
    • Work with the Client to identify key performance indicators that define their critical success factors – those few areas where satisfactory performance is essential in order for the client to succeed in achieving its goals and objectives.
    • Identify and collect data from survey participants.
    • Assemble and analyze the data collected from the survey participants.
    • Present the survey findings in the form a performance gap analysis, to the client with our findings and recommendations.



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