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For over 30 years, we have been restructuring large and medium-sized businesses (private and public). In today’s ever changing environment, it is more complex than at any time since the early 1900’s. There are limited resources for this market segment, and all too often, wealth turns into foreclosures, buy-outs, layoffs, and bankruptcy.

But we have successfully perfected the art of restoring the businesses back into solvency, and creating and implementing strategic growth plans to secure the long-term financial strength and wealth of the business. Our Model has several components:

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RTB© - “Run…The…Business” – Our Restructuring Services Model:
bullet Financial Advisory.
bullet Negotiating with vendors, bank and other creditors.
bullet Develop and implement right pricing strategies, or rate structures.
bullet Aligning cost with declining revenues and margins.
bullet Identifying and containing risks.
bullet Cash flow management.
bullet Managing the supply chain.
bullet Creating business Value.
bullet Competitor Analysis or Managed Competition.
bullet Establishing accounting and management procedures.
bullet Product or service positioning.
bullet Creating achievable business plans.
bullet Exit strategies.
bullet Sell versus Grow decision.
bullet Mergers and Acquisitions.
bullet Identifying “roll-up” or “add-on” opportunities.
bullet Valuing the business.
bullet Negotiating the deal.
bullet Debt and Equity.
bullet Arrange short-term and long-term financing, including grants.
bullet Leasing.
bullet Bank Finance and Guaranty Services.
bullet Receivable Financing.
bullet Arranging compatible institutional or angel equity.

You can get your business out of debt and avoid bankruptcy.



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